Группа компаний БПЦ
Группа компаний БПЦ
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"Award-winning solutions for the Hungarian financial services market",Василий Волынский, управляющий директор, Европа рассказывает об деятельности БПЦ Банковские Технологии в Венгрии

Portfolio.hu, июнь 2015

A Swiss payment solutions provider, BPC Banking Technologies has brought cutting-edge innovations to Hungary. With FHB Bank’s processing business in production, BPC is now active in in further markets. Vasily Volynskiy, Senior Vice President, Managing Director Europe shares his view on BPC’s input to the Hungarian financial services market.

«Since BPC's founding, our mission has been to use technology to help our customers deliver the most sophisticated products and services to their customers, quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. Our idea was to bring a technology that anticipated consumer needs and market trends before they become main-stream so that our clients are able to take advantage before their competitors. That's how we've created SmartVista», starts Vasily Volynskiy.

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