Группа компаний БПЦ
Группа компаний БПЦ
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"Maximising revenues with SmartVista"

интервью Анджело Бертини, Старшего вице-президента, управляющего директора региона Ближний Восток и Северная Африка, изданию The Banker Middle East, май 2015

Angelo Bertini, MD Middle East and North Africa, BPC Banking Technologies sheds light on 20-years story of success on global arena and shares plans to improve the Middle East payments landscape.

BPC Banking Technologies aims to help financial institutions to become real leaders in payments business. And this year we are celebrating 20 years of our success on global payments market. All these years we’ve been implementing step-by-step our vision and strategy – a relentless focus on customers’ needs by providing the most comprehensive solutions and innovative technologies. BPC targets both new markets, striving to build their own story and well-established markets, suffering from stranglehold of vanilla solutions, by bringing easy to use solutions, cutting operational costs and risks while increasing security of payments. I would say that BPC is very successful in that, as currently we have clients from start-up banks to national payment systems, from transport and fleet companies to state authorities like customs and etc.

Полная версия интервью на сайте http://www.cpifinancial.net/flipbooks/SUPPLEMENTS/2015/CARDS&PAYMENTS/#12