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BPC Group
Bld. 2, 50A/8 Zemlyanoy Val St.,
Moscow, Russia, 109028,
Tel.: +7 (495) 780-3165
Fax: +7 (495) 780-3167

Dear Sirs and Madams,

BPC Company has been operating in the Russian market since 1995, focusing on the nation’s key industries. Today, these are the energy, finance and chemical sectors.

What puts together such prima facie different areas within a single company? It is primarily that they all are on the junction of the latest achievements of fundamental science and the prioritized requirements of the Russian economy. We do not invent the wheel, we carefully analyse international experience and offer cutting-edge technology solutions that combine novelty and time-honoured practice.

We have always been a goal-oriented and customer-driven company. So in 1995 we entered the market with a suite of banking technology offerings: at that time development of the financial industry was key to the further advancement of the country’s economy. Now we are a leading systems integrator and one of the largest developers and vendors of software solutions for e-payments, retail banking and self-service banking systems.

We started to actively develop a new line of business, Power Systems, when modernisation of the Russian energy sector was one of the major priorities. Focused on distributed power generation, we have passed the entire business chain from supplying specific equipment to the creation of an integrated engineering company that not only supplies but also manufactures facilities for the production of electricity and ecologically clean heat energy in the territories that are hardly accessible to large ‘energy weapons’.

With the renaissance of the Russian chemistry sector, we have launched a new business, Chemical Technologies. I deeply believe that it is namely innovative technology that is of huge potential for the country’s economy as, notwithstanding the powerful raw-material and production base, the country badly needs high quality products. Having started with distribution of additives, which allowed the products of domestic manufacturers to be strongly competitive, we gradually passed over to complex projects in the field of petrochemistry, oil refining and gas processing.

The selected business areas require us to have solid scientific expertise, enthusiasm and, most importantly, professional self-awareness — the qualities that mark our staff.

We are aware that implementing complex innovative technology solutions is a future-oriented activity that does not always guarantee fast payback. Yet we believe in our capabilities and success as well as in that our work will not be simply demanded, but that it will contribute to developing and strengthening the Russian economy.

Anatoly Loginov
President of BPC Group